Based around the metaphor of the conductor and the orchestra, the goal of the piece is to try and recreate the experience of the conductor. Sonic Interaction Design, which uses sound as one of the principle channels of conveying information, meaning and emotional qualities in the context, was employed on this piece. The user must feel control over the music and how their actions have an affect on the music and the visualisation. We aim to take the musical experience of composing to a new level of interaction.

The Aim
The aim of this installation is to immerse the user in a creative musical environment, where the user can compose a musical piece using their body as the medium. I want the user to transform an auditory experience in to a visual and physical one. The goal is to allow the user to affect sounds, through action, perception and visualisation, as the user has to discover their own personal 'sonic space' through gestural exploration. The user journey and experience is linked to the metaphor we are using, the conductor of an orchestra. The user is the one in control of the direction and the addition of sounds, just like a conductor. The conductor uses arm gestures to control the musicians, but after our initial user research we discovered they would like to use their whole body to control the sound, so we extended the interaction, giving the user a richer and more varied experience.