iSilence - silence of the CEO

60 x 90 cm
Digital print on canvas

Using metapho of iMessage, expressed absence of communication between the president of Korea and the people.

The president of Korea has been trying to control media, block people's communication and etc..
He is one of the worst non-communicatable president ever.

In the painting, first he ever truly spoke to people is first statement when he has got elected, since then people are trying to communicate for solving problems by peaceful way such as the candle protest, however he has not truly respond. At the end, people sent message as 'I can see you read the message, but why are you not reply? It has been more than years now.' It expresses the president obviously know what is going on and what people trying to say, however, he is not answering. even now.
The date is sort of time line of the most famous issue, or ridiculous event happend during his period.