With Beatoven, the users are given the chance to create music through a cooking experience.
Mixing sounds as if they were ingredients and playing with the revolving buttons on the stove as if they were to adjust the amount of heat, enhancing the feeling of cooking while creating music.

As the user starts putting the boxes in the pot different tracks will start playing and a new sound will be formed.
Additionally users can adjust the revolving buttons to make changes on the sound that is formed. Also when the lid of the pot is placed on top the frequency of the music gets slow thus gives the feeling of music coming from the inside of the pot.

Using the cooking process as a metaphor gives the affordances of a DJ Mixer to users, therefore even those who have not been involved with music production before can use it without having someone to teach them.

This artwork has been selected for CelestePrize the international art pize 2012, Live Media Finalist.