Until I spoke his name
he had been
no more than a mere gesture.

When I spoke his name
he came to me
and became a flower.

Now speak my name
one fitting this colour and odour of mine
as I spoke his name
so that I may go to him
and become his flower.

We all wish
to become something.
You to me and I to you
wish to become an unforgettable gaze.

'Flower' is the one of my interactive sculpture inspired of poem 'flower' written by one of the leading South Korean poets of the late twentieth century.
This 'Flower' raises the issue which is that people values the wrong matter in these days and that is not able to be educated by modern education system.

It could be naive in sense of reality, however it is critical condition that should've been seeking.

Flower begins to blooms when people whispers and when it's dark.
It is blooming at night, in the daytime it will be never blooming unless someone call the name.