The Invisible RayThe Invisible RayThe Invisible RayThe Invisible Ray

Target Issue: Environment, Politics.

It is not an ordinary web magazine site. It is more like campaign site.
I made flash interactive movies to express campaigns, so people can easily see what's going on and keep them enlightened. ECO., Politics and Economy issues were main topic of webzine for the initial scheme. However, I could't continue the work, even it was meant to be issued by monthly. Maybe I was too lazy or haven't enough time for that. I just made 2 campaigns which are 'Stop Fucking Everything' and 'The report of a war correspondent'.
'SFE' was about environment campaign (mad-cow disease, oil, HIV, soil, water and air pollution...)
'The report of a war correspondent' was about politic and fallen democracy (most people aware about that government rules media to control public).

Now, I want to try again with people who interested in this project. Like a name of webzine, 'The Invisible Ray', I want to see how the invisible ray is becoming the visible ray to the world. We shouldn't ignore minor reports or opinions, because sometimes you could find the true voice only from the minor reports.

The webzine can provide any product if it helps campaign. Also, product can be campaign itself.