3D typography
Moving image 'messenger' and concept as combination of surfaces of English & Korean letters.
2D typography
Typography posters which can express by two languages for one surface.

The poster meant to deliver message related campaign 'The Invisible Ray'. 1st poster shows how to read, 2nd and 3rd posters include English & Korean. 4th poster shows French & Dutch, 5th poster shows German & Spanish.

This project has initiated for typography competition 'ISTD'.
The project linked to another project 'Webzine: The Invisible Ray' which has got same goal as campaign.
The aim of project is that creating efficient method for campaign and merging different language together. In other words, break through the limitation of languages, so people can understand no matter what languages they use. If typography breaks the limitation of communication, then the campaign or message would be more powerful and more clear.

2D & 3D typography deliver messages which warn people to be aware of environment and politics issues, such as climate change and media control issue.