Darkness within

Darkness within
Media Performance, VJing, Live 3D Projection Mapping, Sculptures

3 x 1.5 x 1 m (HxWxD)
Papers, MDFs

Directing, Sculpture design, Visual and sound remixing, Live projection mapping

Imagine that when ancient people saw the media art, they might call it as black magic or witchcraft.
Such an idea came from that notion to call it 'Darkness within' and it is highly inspired by Sven Lions' new sound.
The original performance set was build by group of unknown artists, so we wanted cover our faces to make people feel true contents, not by the fame of artist. So we made sculpture that represents anonymity of artists.

Director: Viktor Jan
Sculpture: Ji Um, Viktor Jan
Live Performance: VJ Sikk, Viktor Jan
Sound: Seven Lions, Royksopp
Producer: SKT, Nabi Art Centre
Location: Club Octagon