6400 x 350 cm
Audio Visual Installation, 6min
(Projection mapping with performance)
21.MAR - 7.MAY 2014

'Returning', as the second series of 'Uncertain Landscape', is the landscape work inspired from memories of Gobi desert. I was easily disoriented by indeterminate scale of space, then I felt the uncertainty whether I'm inside of consciousness or unconsciousness while I'm walking into landscape. It is like watching from inside and outside of consciousness in gigantic landscape.
The sound has made from that memories and visuals of the landscapes, which are are verisimilar spaces with likely coexisted sound as background ambient but not really existed, juxtaposed.
The result of uncertain memories could be also the distorted form.
The landscapes seems like leading different area from the start - left side to right end, however, it is paradox space which is leading to where it starts by walking further to the right end.
This reflects continuity of life - no matter what it goes on

Improvisation : Kong Yongsun, Kim Jihye (DOO DANCE THEATRE)
Visuals : Kayip + Viktor Jan + Seo KwangEun
Audio : Kayip
Technical support : SILO Lab.
Filmmaking : Viktor Jan
Location : Culture Station Seoul 284, Korea