Product: Interactive midi controller

With Beatoven, the users are given the chance to create music through a cooking experience.
Mixing sounds as if they were ingredients and playing with the revolving buttons on the stove as if they were to adjust the amount of heat, enhancing the feeling of cooking while creating music.
As the user starts putting the boxes in the pot different tracks will start playing and a new sound will be formed.
Additionally users can adjust the revolving buttons to make changes on the sound that is formed. Also when the lid of the pot is placed on top the frequency of the music gets slow thus gives the feeling of music coming from the inside of the pot. Using the cooking process as a metaphor gives the affordances of a DJ Mixer to users, therefore even those who have not been involved with music production before can use it without having someone to teach them.

The concpet of physical computing is using arduino as the input which is linked into computer to control MIDI sound & Software by pure data. Basically, the Arduino board is sending information from sensors to pure data which controls MIDI sound and App. At the final stage, we simplified the physical parts. For example, using pots as a comunial ground to make it as a big simple switch instead of force sensor, ultra sonic sensor, motion detecting sensor..etc.
For the button part, we realised the digital pins are sometimes flickering by current. It was problem to add effects and manipulating sound, so we decided to put 4x4 buttons with communicating through Serial Print.

For the coding, getting imformation from analog and digital and pin detecting functions are over flowing the ram, and likely crash down the app. So we came up with dividing a main Arduino as 2. One is for analog and switche input and another one is for Serial communication by using two pure data app.
The prototype works pretty stable, however, the pot as a giant switch is not completley stable on the connectivity. It would be best solution for next level, if use wireless communication between switches and main board.

Feedback from user
"It would be great for public if solve wireless issue and with more physical metaphor as cooking process."
- Sandro Brito / MA Student @ LCC

"It would be perfect for modern installation art in gallery or museum, so even kids and adult can interact with art. Simply stunning!"
- Hari Jon / Lawyer @ Orange